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Concrete Leveling in Powder Springs, GA
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Concrete Leveling in Powder Springs, GA

Lifting and Aligning Uneven Concrete Surfaces

Proper concrete leveling can make the difference between having trip hazards or uneven, cracked, or deflected concrete. Over time, your concrete can settle, pull apart, and create gaps perfect for twisting ankles or falls. Please reach out to us if you would like to salvage your driveway, garage floors, sidewalks, or basement slabs. We can lift and level sinking concrete and grind and repair gaps or cracks, ensuring your home or business stays safe for everyone. And leveling saves money compared tearing out and replacing concrete. Book an appointment with us today!

Concrete Lifting And Leveling
Void Fills
Wall Stabilization
Soil Stabilization And More!

The Complicated Process of Concrete Leveling 

Successful concrete leveling is pure technique fused with science. The process requires pumping structural polyurethane (expandable foam) under the concrete slab until it compresses the soft soils and begins to lift. Once it’s moving, we make small strategic incremental adjustments for a successful lift. Leveling concrete also requires extensive knowledge of how concrete reacts under stress and pressure. Numerous factors on each project can create challenges, and during our assessment, we are looking to identify them.

The team at Fortify has the knowledge and equipment required. Our years of experience in foundation work and concrete repair have given us an advantage when lifting/leveling your concrete slab. Contact us today for an assessment.

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